Robert W. McGuire, Jr.

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, Retired




Located high on the hill above Rock Creek, Normanstone was near the present sites of the British Embassy and the US Naval Observatory.


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...was the home of the Barnard Family in Georgetown, District of Columbia, from 1830 to 1899. The residents of Normanstone and their neighbors living within the tract known as “Pretty Prospects” were at the center of events that moved the American Nation from its formative years into the Twentieth Century. It was a period of political discord, terrible warfare, great scientific and technical achievements, population explosion, and social activism. The Barnard’s of Normanstone lived amongst a fascinating collection of Patriots and Traitors, Engineers and Bureaucrats, Hero’s and Scoundrels, and others who simply lived their lives in ordinary fashion.

A “Devonshire Cottage” designed and built by Washington Stonemason Gilbert White

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