Kate Barnard

Robert W. Barnard’s wife “Kate”

Katherine Theodosia Fuller


Born August 23, 1830

Married September 16, 1850

Died June 11, 1896

Kate was Robert’s first cousin. She was born and raised in Montrose PA where her father was a newspaper editor.


After their marriage, they lived in a house on  Bridge St (M Street today) in Georgetown  with their children and Robert’s younger brother, John “JJ”.


Together, they had a total of eight children. All but two lived to adulthood.


After the Civil War, Kate and  four of their  young children accompanied Robert on his Army assignments throughout the Southwest. They travelled thousands of miles, mostly on foot, horseback, or wagon train. A fifth child arrived in 1867 with the birth of Edward (my great grandfather) at Ft. Sumner NM.


After Robert’s death in 1870, Kate and the children returned to Scranton PA where her family lived.

Kate’s ancestors include Mayflower Passenger Dr. Samuel Fuller and Revolutionary Patriot Issachar Fuller. Her father, George Fuller, served in the 28th United States Congress.